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GROUNDCO Mats Inc. is an Alberta based, site access solutions provider with a specific focus on supplying low impact, cost effective Ground Protection, Access, and Foundation products and services. We offer SALES and RENTALS of our industry proven GROUND PROTECTION MATS, ACCESS MATS, CRANE MATS, and RIG MATS. Our customers are both end users and service companies working on infrastructure, construction, and energy projects throughout Canada and the United States.

Our supply advantage comes from being strategically aligned with a large network of contract builders. This gives GROUNDCO the ability to deliver a sustainable supply chain of competitively priced Industry leading matting products that our clients can count on. Our strategic partners are industry experts using the very best materials and workmanship available. All of our matting products are designed and tested by experienced personnel that possess extensive matting application and field experience. When you purchase or rent mats from GROUNDCO you can count on quality products and dedicated service, at a fair price. Our "Value Proposition" is simple: We sell solutions, eliminate risk, save you time & money, and deliver on what we promise.

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Ground Protection
Mini Mats

a ground protection mat and mini mats


an access mat


a rig mat


a crane mat

GROUNDCO Mats are used on industrial, commercial, and residential job sites to provide ground protection, access, and stable foundations for vehicles, heavy equipment and crews.

Industry benefits from the use of Ground Protection Mats, Access Mats, Crane Mats, and Rig Mats by:

• Protecting developed infrastructure such as lawns, valuable landscaping, sidewalks, driveways and environmentally sensitive areas from damage.
• Protecting our lands against root system damage, soil compaction, spread of noxious weeds, and damage to stream banks and water crossings.
• Providing access into undeveloped infrastructure with unstable and or wet ground conditions that would be otherwise inaccessible.
• Extending the work season, increasing employee and contractor morale, and creating a safer work environment.

Our matting products are used by:

Construction, Landscaping, Temporary Structures, Tree Service, Utility, Telecom, Cemetery, Movie Production, Special Event, Home Building, Golf Course, Water Well Drilling, Aviation, Government, Municipality, Farming, Agriculture, Wind, Transmission, Civil Construction, Infrastructure, Public Event, Camp Service, Government, Pipeline, and Oil & Gas Market Sectors.


NEW Ground Protection “Mini” Mats

GROUNDCO is the original innovator of our signature 4’x8’ Ground Protection “Mini” Mats. These versatile mats provide ground protection, access and foundation stability over developed and undeveloped infrastructure. Our “Mini” Mats are designed to be handled with light or compact rubber tracked or tired equipment. For access applications our “Mini” mats can offer a trackway, 12’ wide road, or 16’ wide road depending on your requirements. One Super B load of our “Mini” mats will provide a 12’ wide access road stretching 245 meters. In comparison you would require three Super B loads of Conventional 8’x14’ access mats to cover the same distance. These mats are very strong, economical, and easy to operate with.


trackway mini mats

Trackway (KD): 1 Super B = 368m
Trackway (RG): 1 Super B = 273m


12 foot wide mini mats

12' Access (KD): 1 Super B = 245m
12' Access (RG): 1 Super B = 180m


pad or floor mini mats

Pad/Floor (KD): 1 Super B = 895 sq/m
Pad/Floor (RG): 1 Super B = 664 sp/m

KD = Kiln Dried Dimensional Lumber
RG = Rough Green Lumber


mat sales
mat rentals
mat installation
mat consignment

Mat Sales

Whether your requirements are large or small; GROUNDCO has the experience and capacity to supply and delivery our “Industry Leading” matting products throughout Canada & the United States. Our mats are designed, built and tested by experts that take pride in being leaders in our industry. We do not use “Inferior” lumber such as Balsam Fir, or Poplar in the construction of our mats. With four production facilities to draw from; GROUNDCO has a production capacity north of 10,000 mats per month with a sustainable fiber supply in place to support high demand. Ask us about our custom build programs.

Mat Rentals

In addition to selling our matting products; GROUNDCO offers and maintains a modern rental fleet of Ground Protection “Mini” Mats, Access Mats, Crane Mats, and Steel Framed Rig Mats. Delivery or customer pickup is available with all of our rental product categories. For smaller projects GROUNDCO offers installation services. See our PRODUCTS Page for more information.


GROUNDCO mats has developed a very large, integrated network of transportation experts that specialize in timely and cost effective logistics solutions. We draw from small regional trucking companies to large international rail and ocean freight service providers to achieve the very best rates and options available. GROUNDCO’S team of logistic experts ensure that your shipment is documented, managed, and communicated every step of the way.

GROUNDCO's team of logistic experts ensure that your shipment is documented , managed , and communicated every step of the way.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: Trucking, Rail, Ocean, Trans Loading, & Intermodal

Mat Consignment

GROUNDCO Mats Inc. has a large database of qualified customers looking for good used mats throughout Western Canada. Our used mat consignment program has been developed to provide a transparent, risk free platform in which mats can be sold and bought with absolute peace of mind under the direction and consultation of GROUNDCO’s resident matting experts. To list or buy used inventory with us, confidentiality agreements are required to protect both parties and allow for full disclosure which includes: proof of ownership, proof that inventory is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances, history and manufacturer if available, physical location and inspection report.

We currently have large volume requirements to fulfill. Please call us direct if you have matting assets you would like to consign with us and or learn more about our program.

GROUNDCO mats covering job site